What is Employee Value Proposition?


Today, corporate businesses are more adopting working principles where the "human" factor can be the focal point, despite all the innovations. At this point, they are trying to create a unique value for their qualified employees to be satisfied with their jobs at the maximum level. More importantly, they want to make this value proposition a permanent part of the company culture. An organizational approach centered on the "employee" phenomenon is considered among the indispensable conditions of today's competitive order. Competition now takes place not only for the target audience, but also for the talented staff pool itself. The main reason why companies think like this is that with the Employee Value Proposition, more attractive results can be obtained in terms of time, cost and efficiency.

In our blog content; We will focus on the concept of Employee Value Proposition, which focuses on the human factor and plays a key role in corporate culture. We will cover what the EVP, which means "Employee Value Proposition" in Turkish, means for companies.


In today's competitive conditions, companies have discovered that they will come to the fore much more with employee loyalty and have started to work in this field. Companies that give importance to self-development in EVP employ talented employees; On the other hand, it can increase the number of its employees who are truly committed to the company culture and have a high sense of belonging. The EVP is an important showcase for employee candidates. The Employee Value Proposition should turn the company into a Great Place to Work candidate for all-round talent.

The primary purpose of EVP is to build a culture that will cause employees to work with pride and high motivation while benefiting the company. The studies carried out to provide higher benefits and reputation for the company by improving the skills, talents and experience of the employee are included in the concept of EVP. In this way, both the loyalty of the employees in the company is increased and the talented candidates outside the company are tried to be included in the company.


In order to create a strong EVP, both your employees and employee candidates need to fully understand your brand and work culture. At the same time, you should thoroughly analyze why your employees are working on your behalf and why your prospective employees might want to work with you. For this, you need to determine what your company prioritizes in its own working culture. Focus groups, surveys and interviews can be created to measure EVP values. While making these evaluations, it is very important to take the opinions of not only your active employees or employee candidates, but also your employees who have left the job, so that you can move forward.

Let's convey the known elements under 5 items so that your brand can create and develop EVP:

  1. Compensation and fringe benefits are at the forefront of these articles. It is always decisive for your employees to be satisfied with the wages they receive for their efforts. In addition, it is critical for employees to have good wages such as bonuses and additional rewards. You are expected to be good at fair and performance-based remuneration. Wages, compensation and benefits may not be of equal importance to all your employees, but it is often very important for an employee to receive their basic rights fairly.
  2. Ensuring the work and private life balance of employees is one of the issues to be considered while creating an EVP. Subjects such as vacations, paid leaves, paid maternity leaves can be included in this field. In addition, privileges such as flexible working conditions and remote working opportunities can be created. We must say that there is no single formula that creates a work and private life balance, as each company has different demands and opportunities. Each brand can create and develop its own formula according to the age and family life of the employees. Personalized plans can be offered according to the needs of the employees in their private lives.
  3. Creating an environment where your employees can work consistently throughout their careers is one of the important items of the EVP. Open up space for your employees to participate in opportunities and trainings that can improve themselves so that they can maintain a stable career.
  4. Another requirement for EVP formation is the creation of a suitable and productive space for employees. Having private areas of physically employees or creating a positive working environment creates a very positive situation. Of course, we can include topics such as the necessary technological tools and their use, and company culture.
  5. As in our own lives, in the company culture, employees' expectations of respect are We must not forget that It is an extremely sensitive requirement that companies respect their employees in the formation of the Employee Value Proposition. Company culture should be built on promoting positive relationships. Team spirit should be built largely on this framework. Likewise, this approach should be supported by company leaders and management.

Examine the working styles of your teammates, increase your company's productivity.