How to Learn Remote Working Tools?


The remote working model continues to spread rapidly among businesses. This model, which gives employees much more flexibility, means reduced costs and increased work efficiency for businesses. Digital tools are changing the dynamics of our lives at an incredible speed. It would of course be delusional to expect that the organizational structure in business life would not be affected by this process. Especially with the pandemic, the interest in remote working methods has increased significantly. The benefits of video conferencing applications make this area even more attractive for businesses and employees.

So, how to learn remote working tools in a much healthier and more efficient way? In this content, you can find recommendations that will add value to your remote working processes.


Remote working tools, which have started to enter our lives with 2020, are equipped to meet many needs of businesses. It is possible to use these progressively developing tools with paid and free versions. You should discover the teleworking tools that most closely match your company and adapt in no time. Although remote work tools seem like easy-to-adapt tools in general, a professional approach is essential to increase productivity.

Many businesses may request professional-level consulting support to use remote work tools within the company and make them an integral part of the organization. working remotely; It refers to the online model where company employees can work in real time from a central office without the need to be physically together. Thanks to the proliferation of digital tools, there are now more options for companies in this regard. The flexible working model offered in this model provides very attractive conditions.

This model, where employees attend meetings from the comfort of their own homes, saves time and costs. Office rents, transportation, staff meals etc. We see that serious cost items have disappeared with this model. On the other hand, it becomes much more possible for employees to maintain work-life balance in this sense. You do not have to be tied to your own home in the remote working model, which offers more time and freedom. You can join the meetings from any place with any device you want.


It is necessary to pay attention to some points in order to learn remote working models and to ensure higher efficiency. Learning and using digital tools alone is not enough to be successful. First of all, create certain plans during the periods when you work remotely and try to stick to this plan. Because the remote working model, by its nature, will offer you a relaxed environment. In fact, if you lose your self-discipline, you may even feel like you are not working and shift to other things. For example, being busy on the phone while working, watching videos on the computer may come across as distracting elements.

Naturally, it is not easy to keep discipline at a high level because there is no specific control mechanism. To avoid this, make a clear plan and set certain working intervals or break intervals, just as if you are going to work in the morning. During this period, you should not be busy with housework. On the other hand, you should sharply separate your work and living spaces in order to learn remote working tools faster and to use them more efficiently. Having a certain area that you only use for work will give you an advantage in this respect. Otherwise, this situation can bring serious handicaps for families with children.


Learning remote teamwork technically makes your job much easier. You are no longer physically in the same place as your team. You are alone in your study room and you have to be involved in the process by using online conferencing tools effectively. Using features such as file sharing, screen sharing, messaging, creating online presentations will be in your favor.

Generally, companies prefer popular remote working tools such as Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Meet. Focusing on a particular tool facilitates learning and adaptation. For this reason, it would be healthier for businesses to clarify their tools from the beginning. Although some of these applications do not have Turkish language support, there is a great ease of use in terms of menu and interface. Today, we see that senior executives who look suspiciously at the remote working model have adopted this model a lot.

Working from home should be seen as part of professionalism. For this reason, doing business with the feeling and perception of vacation negatively affects your ability to use remote work tools, and most importantly, your productivity. In addition, since you need to be accessible during these processes, you should not go too far from the computer. A good headset and camera system, a fast internet network, active e-mail and messaging tools, and project management tools are among a quality remote working model.

Examine the working styles of your teammates, increase your company's productivity.