5 Employee Value Proposition Examples



“Employee Value Proposition” translated into our language as the Employee Value Proposition, refers to the benefits gained by the personnel in exchange for the skills and experience they have provided to the business. While creating the Employee Value Proposition, you may have the opportunity to better define the firm's value judgments and approaches. With the Employee Value Proposition, possible reasons are presented for people to work at your company with great motivation and pride. It is easier for companies that offer a trusting and inspiring Employee Value Proposition to make a difference in this sense. In this way, it becomes possible to recruit highly qualified people with high performance to the company.



In order to develop a successful Employee Value Proposition, companies must have an accurate grasp of the perceptions and expectations of their potential and current employees. For example, on what grounds are qualified personnel candidates dissatisfied with their current jobs? What can you promise them in your company? What features in your company culture make you a Great Place to Work? It is obvious how successful corporate businesses are in EVP, which find the right answers to all these questions.


Employee Value Proposition is mostly used to save on cost items, optimize recruitment processes and prevent possible brain drains. The Employee Value Proposition is a structure that rewards hard and beneficial work for the company. All rights, compensations, privileges, etc. for employees in particular EVP. writes in detail. In a way, it should be thought of as a “value proposition” marketed to potential employees. In this process, companies put the personnel candidates directly at the center of the target audience and try to persuade them so that they can work within their own organization.



When we look at examples of successful Employee Value Propositions, it is often seen that the work environment needed to attract talent or encourage the organization is comprehensively prepared. Combining particularly beneficial aspects with the guarantee of absolutely equal and fair remuneration can have a significant impact on prospective employees. At this point, we should remind that the detail that makes companies special and privileged is company culture.


The Employee Value Proposition should inspire confidence in both diversity and inclusion. On the other hand, respect for any race, age or sexual orientation should be a part of this proposition as required by the company's stance. Meanwhile, although the Employee Value Proposition and the Employer Brand are sometimes confused with each other, there are actually tangible differences between them. Now, let's take a look at examples of successful Employee Value Propositions from all over the world in the context of the criteria listed above.



Creating a successful EVP is part of bringing in the most qualified and dedicated talent. Many businesses around the world are now able to meet these types of talents on the same level, thanks to Employee Value Proposition.


  1. McDonald's Employee Value Proposition, "Why Should I Work at McDonald's Restaurant?" on the company's official website. described in detail in the section. In this section, many details are included, especially from vacation to work-life balance, from education to salary and social benefits.
  2. Netflix company reflects its EVP stance both on its career pages and directly on job postings. In these types of listings, Netflix often places a special emphasis on educational opportunities and an inclusive company culture.
  3. Google is one of the most successful and attentive companies in Employee Value Proposition. The Employee Value Proposition, determined by Google and shared transparently, is based on 6 items. Among them; items such as supporting families, access to a healthy lifestyle and investment in employee development are prominent.
  4. Apple, on the other hand, titled the Employee Value Proposition, “Join us. Be you!” determined as. Apple's EVP formation; It sits on three basic items: “works that add value, uniting different thinkers in order to innovate, finding their place for employees”.
  5. Starbucks, one of the largest coffee chains in the world; He emphasizes to the personnel who will be involved with them at the very beginning of the process that they will encounter a different type of company. Starbucks, which often uses the term "partner" for its team members, underlines that they are also generous with rewards and benefits. Free Spotify Premium, in-store staff discounts, stock, support for elite athletes are just some of the things offered under the Employee Value Proposition.

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