MonitUp Protects Your Data

We work towards improving our security every single day at MonitUp. To do so properly, we follow the best security practices. These include:

  • - Encrypted data transfer (HTTPS)
  • - Email verification
  • - A strong password management policy
  • - Internal system logging
  • - Network and overall infrastructure security
  • - Physical security
  • - Two-factor authentication (2fa)

External Audits and Security

At MonitUp, we do our best to provide the best security to our customers. Because of that, we integrate and work with external companies that help us to carry out regular penetration testing, patching, and security audits to identify any possible issues and resolve them within a short period of time.

Backups and Reliability

Our backups are done on a daily basis, which guarantees consistency and a quick reaction from our side in case data restoration is needed.

Incident Management

In case of a data breach, we have a procedure in place that dictates how and when to make a responsible disclosure to the affected parties, with the first communication occurring within 72 hours of our becoming aware of the incident.

Software Development Security

MonitUp uses a Git version control system. Changes to MonitUp’s code base go through a suite of automated tests before being reviewed and sent through a round of manual testing. When code changes pass through the automated testing system, they are first pushed to a staging environment where employees test the changes before they’re pushed to our production servers. Changes that are critical, due to security or for other reasons, are fast-tracked to production while still being tested thoroughly.

Confidentiality & Employee Access

We strictly regulate our employees’ access to the data you and your users store with Access is limited to those few employees who need it for troubleshooting or support.

No employees ever access customer accounts unless required for troubleshooting or support. When working on a support issue, we do our best to respect your privacy as much as possible and only access the files and settings needed to resolve your issue.

Screenshot Security

Screenshots are an optional MonitUp feature. If activated, the screenshots feature will take and store screenshots of your employees’ monitors at the time interval that you specify.

If you use the screenshots feature, you can rest assured that the screenshots and all other data are stored securely. All communication to the server is secured by SSL encryption. Files on the server are encrypted to provide an extra level of security for company data. The servers are located in secure enterprise data center facilities with 24/7 monitoring and hosting support.

Billing Information Protection

When you sign up for a paid account on MonitUp, we do not store any of your credit card information.

All credit card transactions are processed using Stripe’s secure encryption, which is the same level of encryption used by leading banks. Card information is transmitted, stored, and processed securely on a PCI-compliant network.

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