All time at hand

Easily see when the employee turned on their computer in the morning, how much they left it on the lock screen throughout the day, and when they turned it off. In addition, see how much time you spend during the day in the productive, unproductive and neutral applications that you have determined.


More details?

Analyze which hours the employee is more productive and which hours are less productive. It is now possible with MonitUp to choose more productive hours during meeting hours.


AI Suggestions

MonitUp processes the data of the previous week it collects and generates suggestions for you to increase your productivity thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence.



You can activate the screenshot feature. You can automatically take screenshots of different quality at different time intervals.



You can divide the applications into 3 different categories as efficient, inefficient and neutral. Thus, all productivity reports will be calculated according to the applications you have determined for your company.


Productivity Report

With the productivity report, you can easily report the productive, unproductive, neutral and total working hours of your employees in two date ranges

Monitor smarter, not harder

Real-time monitoring, real-time results with MonitUp