Frequently Asked Questions

MonitUp is a cloud based software so all of the data recorded by MonitUp Agent installed on your employees’ computers is saved on a remote secured server. And to access the data you need to register an account to be able to securely review your information on a remote server.
MonitUp App runs smoothly on all Windows computers with Windows Vista or later There is also a web component which work in all the latest browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome).
We believe it is more MonitUp for you to get signed up for an account before installing MonitUp Agent. Because to finish installation process you will need to enter your account details to establish a connection to the cloud server. So if you don’t have an account you will be prompted to create one.
MonitUp is automatically activated when the computer is turned on and works silently.
MonitUp tracks the websites and applications used while people are working. Managers can receive a report with this information. Managers can also receive a report listing potentially "poor-time-use" websites such as Facebook, and how long they were used. MonitUp can also take screenshots of your employees’ computers while they’re working (this is an optional feature). The process of reviewing these screenshots is extremely quick for a management or HR person. MonitUp also provides various online and email reports to management which provide additional information on how time is spent in your business.
To see the data from MonitUp Agent you need to log in your remote account in the dashboard: You can use any web-browser on any device to log in.
At the moment access to the computer with administrator rights is required to install the program. However the installation process will only take a couple of moments.
All information from your employees’ that was transferred to the cloud server will be available to you for 365 days. After that it will be automatically deleted.
All communication to the server is secured by SSL encryption. The files on the server are encrypted to provide an extra level of security for company data. Servers are located in secure Microsoft Azure system with 24/7 monitoring and hosting support.
Employee monitoring software is designed to monitor employees working in the office, from home or remotely. Whether employees work on a company’s desktop computer, a laptop, or a remote desktop session – employee monitoring software can still monitor employees’ computer activities.

The services provided by MonitUp and the data generated using the application comply with the rules set by GDPR.

MonitUp ensures the safety, integrity, and confidentiality of clients’ personal data and will provide assistance with GDPR related documentation or data subject rights requests. All information and data created by MonitUp are stored in secure cloud service providers within the European Economic Area.

Before engaging any third-party service providers, MonitUp has checked that they comply with relevant data protection laws, including GDPR.

For a more detailed view of MonitUp's data protection practices, please visit our Privacy policy page here(

MonitUp, you can set your working hours in the Settings tab, the default working hours are: 08:00am - 6:30 pm. MonitUp only works during working hours and does not monitor anyone outside working hours. Thus, even people working from home can enjoy the comfort of knowing that they are not being watched on their own time. Our stance on confidentiality is that a company has a right to know what employees are doing during working hours and has no right to know what they are doing after work.
Blocking certain websites is only the first step to increased productivity. People waste time in many different ways, including long lunch breaks, chatting with friends on their phone etc. And aside from preventing distractions, MonitUp empowers users to manage their own time better, and gives managers the insights they need to improve the allocation of time across the whole team.

Unless you’re tracking time through the entire work day you cannot know where people's time is spent. Outside of tracking time spent working, MonitUp has many other benefits, for instance, helping a person focus on their priorities.

Absolutely. Although some of MonitUp’s features are only relevant to teams and not individual users, many individual users do use MonitUp manage their own time more effectively. MonitUp will help you to know how long you’re spending on which tasks, and stay focused on what you should be working on.
You might. The software requires change in behavior and it will become immediately obvious when people are wasting time. Some of your team may not like it and may resist it. Generally the hardest working and most productive people on your team will accept it because they can see the benefits it will provide to their productivity. Team members whom are keen to use this software to work from home, or to work flexible hours will also welcome the software.
You can see the pricing on the pricing page

Examine the working styles of your teammates, increase your company's productivity.