In 2023, interaction in remote working will be increased with new technologies

According to the report, which reveals striking results, online meetings with avatars and virtual tours to the company during job interviews are not in the distant future. Human Resources professionals predict that the concept of “metaverse” will begin to become a part of the way companies work in 2023, as an effect of rapid digitalization in the way they do business. With the participation of Generation Z, who are highly prone to hybrid and home-based working models, in the workforce, Human Resources departments are preparing to increase interaction in remote working with new technologies and software.

According to the results, 87.8 percent of the young people participating in the study want the working model to be hybrid. From this point of view, this prediction, which seems distant for the Y generation, is extremely realistic for the Z generation. Moreover, this issue should not be limited to large companies that have made large investments in this field and have specially designed metadata warehouse environments. According to the predictions of Human Resources professionals, innovative, smaller companies using virtual work environment software will also be included in this caravan.


Remote working is a model adopted by Human Resources.

Regarding the rapid adaptation of the “metaverse” to working styles in 2023, another data of the same research is noteworthy: Among employees over 25 years old, the hybrid working model is more common than the general average. In the 15-24 age group, the rate of working from home is statistically significantly higher. In addition, the Human Resources departments themselves are expected to hybridize and fully embrace remote work. According to the report, human resources will play a leading role in maintaining the remote working model with better results. The report also points out that in 2023, much more will be in our lives.


The technology market that can accustom people to the age of the meta universe is developing day by day. Here are some applications of what Human Resources could potentially look like in the world of the “Metaverse” and how to use it:


1. Virtual tour in recruitment processes

In 2023, the perception of “metaverse” in the business world, which is already ongoing and the beginning of a clear change, will be an investment in the technological infrastructures of enterprises. Virtual recruitment fairs can allow candidates the opportunity to engage with potential employers and get a real preview of what type of company they might work for. It is also possible to foresee that there will be more companies that will prefer virtual tours that will allow potential candidates to experience the office culture.


2. Meeting with Avatar

Work and team structures will likely undergo a fundamental change in the “metaverse” compatible workplace. The past two years have witnessed the transition of the workforce to a hybrid working structure with meetings and collaborations on technology platforms. The perception of face-to-face meetings has mostly disappeared. Instead of laptops and smartphones, the “Metaverse” will encourage interactions using hands-free devices and avatars. Thus, it will make group chats and collaborations much more immersive and turn business into a different dimension.


3. “Metaverse” training from virtual human resources

It seems likely that there will be an increase in change management trainings by Human Resources as employees will need to learn how to work in the "metaverse" world. In the business world, the “metaverse” will also mean investment in new technologies. Of course, it will be inevitable for a virtual human resource management to re-evaluate how to train employees on these new technologies and software.


'It must be accepted that we are on the threshold of a new era'


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