What is ​employee tracking software?

Employee tracking software, also known as employee monitoring, is also used as computer monitoring, employee tracking system or productivity software.

Companies that want to measure the productivity of their employees need applications like this. It is an application that is particularly interested in companies working remotely. It can work from any place where you are connected to the Internet, home, cafe, park or any place.



At MonitUp, we keep track of when the computer is turned on, when it is turned off, and how long the computer is on the lock screen throughout the day. We keep track of which website you visit and take automatic screenshots every 5 minutes.

You can divide the applications into 3 different categories as efficient, inefficient and neutral, so you can analyze how efficiently your employees spend their day.

You shouldn't think of it as just computer monitoring, you have real data about your employees and your company created by your computer.


  • You can identify an employee who needs training.
  • If there is a problem about the system and end users, you can detect it beforehand.
  • You can control the use of unnecessary applications that use a lot of bandwidth, such as Netflix, Twitch and YouTube, by your office workers.
  • You can identify our employees with low productivity or job satisfaction. Employees with low productivity or job satisfaction cause an annual average loss of $500 billion in the United States.
  • You can analyze the level of your employees using your technology investments. A total of $34 billion annually is invested in unused software in the US and UK.
  • You can be sure that your employees do not store and use your sensitive data such as customer data in a different location.



  • It keeps CPU, RAM, Disk usage rates.
  • It keeps track of how much resources are consumed by all applications that the operating system uses in the background.
  • With the notification feature, you can be informed about the applications that you do not want to run in your company. For example, you do not have a Photoshop license in your company and an employee is using this program without your knowledge. With the notification feature, MonitUp will notify you about it.

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