MonitUp: Which Package Is Right for Your Needs?

In today's business world, remote work and hybrid work models are rapidly becoming the norm. Employers and HR departments must adapt to this new reality in order to boost employee productivity and manage processes more effectively. This is where MonitUp comes into play, guiding you to determine which package best suits your needs.

MonitUp's Flexible Packages:

MonitUp offers employers three distinct packages: SCREEN TIME, FREELANCER, and PREMIUM. These packages provide tailored solutions to address different requirements. Here are the advantages of each package:


  • SCREEN TIME: SCREEN TIME collects and displays minimal data. With this package, you don't need to set specific work hours, as it captures data whenever your computer is on. It tracks when and for how long each application is used. SCREEN TIME doesn't log screen captures or hardware data, but it focuses on providing concise information to create awareness of low productivity areas. It offers AI suggestions and productivity reports to help employees become more efficient. Like other packages, SCREEN TIME allows you to categorize applications for productivity reports.



  • FREELANCER: FREELANCER is perfect for freelancers or project-based businesses such as agencies. It tracks the time spent on each project, application usage, and when it's used. This package provides a user interface where freelancers can view assigned tasks and automatically track their work. Additionally, it offers productivity reports, AI recommendations, and application categorization features.



  • PREMIUM: The PREMIUM package encompasses all features and is the most detailed package. Companies can customize work hours, take automatic screen captures, and extensively track when, how long, and which applications are used, as well as which websites are visited. This package provides features such as application categorization, hardware usage monitoring, notification settings, and detailed productivity reports.


All packages offer user access permissions, enabling employees to view their own productivity reports and AI-generated suggestions. By involving employees, they become more willing to improve their productivity.

Which Package Is Right for You?

So, which package is suitable for you? The answer depends on your needs and objectives:

  • SCREEN TIME is a fundamental tracking and productivity enhancement tool suitable for those requiring less detailed data.
  • FREELANCER is ideal for freelancers and project-based work.
  • PREMIUM offers complete control over your work processes.

It's important to remember that all MonitUp packages provide robust tools to enhance productivity and optimize business processes. When making your selection, consider your specific needs and business requirements.

Apps & URLs Tracking YES YES YES
AI Suggestions YES YES YES
Productivity Report YES YES YES
Identifying Productive Apps YES YES YES
Silent Tracking YES YES YES
Open/Close Time List YES YES YES
Real-time session info
Apps & URLs Tracking YES YES YES
Task Manager Tracking


Personal notification (App Name)

Personal statement (App Content)

Desktop App
PC Performance Tracking

Setting Working Hours

Available for Windows OS YES YES YES


Remote and hybrid work models are shaping the future of the business world. Employers and HR departments rely on productivity tools like MonitUp to enhance productivity and streamline processes. When choosing the right package for you, focus on your business requirements, employee structure, and objectives. MonitUp is a powerful ally for optimizing your work processes and achieving productivity gains of up to 30%. Explore MonitUp to prepare for the future of business and enhance your work processes.

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