Is it Possible to Shape the Future by Looking to the Past in Human Resources Management?


Human resources is a set of processes that include perspectives shaped in line with the needs of companies and brands. While adding value to their mission and vision, institutions continue to grow and develop by taking advantage of human resources management approaches. Some fields of study begin to lose their popularity, while others begin to come to the fore. The human resources approaches applied in this direction are very effective for making the right personnel arrangements. Well, is it possible to shape the future by taking the past as a reference in human resources management?


In order for an institution to continue its activities in accordance with its mission, it must benefit from human resources practices. All work carried out by the personnel should be under the control of human resources. Human resources studies, in which new reporting and observation techniques are added in line with technological developments, will continue to exist in the future. Reporting and analysis techniques are indispensable for these studies.

Collected statistical data helps shape future applications of human resources. The results revealed as a result of the analyzes are important in not repeating the erroneous situations that occurred in the past. Human resources analysis is of great importance for your company and brand to have efficient employees and working principles. When the reports made in the human resources management process are archived and analyzed at regular intervals, approaches and practices that will harm the company can be prevented. In order to maintain future practices with high performance and work efficiency, the analysis of archived human resources materials should be emphasized.


Human resource management encompasses many applications of personnel evaluation. Managing employees correctly and effectively contributes to the long-term success of your company. In this respect, it is necessary to give priority to the evaluation of manager performance in people management practices. Programs that respond to the psychological, social and economic needs of all personnel should be utilized. The higher the motivation of the employees, the higher the work efficiency. The human resources department should create training programs in line with the abilities and task competence of the personnel and constantly update these programs.

The results obtained from the training programs are among the important data that the human resources department should evaluate. In order for human resources management to provide high efficiency in future applications, it is necessary to be inspired by updated and open-minded approaches. While all these studies are being carried out, approaches that reduced productivity, decreased staff motivation, and harmed company value in the past can be identified by making use of reporting and analysis. In this way, human resources specialists can work efficiently by updating future approaches in accordance with personnel and company needs. Data that may be valuable in human resources management approaches should not be ignored, and the working and motivational status of the personnel should be reported periodically with appropriate measurement methods.


Human resources practices are one of the fields that will continue to exist in the light of technological developments. Studies that match the needs and approaches of companies with various personnel evaluation programs will be inspired by adaptive perspectives. This type of reporting and analysis helps companies see their shortcomings and faulty approaches. In this way, companies that stay away from irreversible mistakes can provide efficient personnel management with effective interventions at the right time. In order for human resources management to maintain its future approaches with high performance, it should benefit from technological applications that address the needs of the age. As a result, it is the personnel who ensure the continuation of business processes. The storage and evaluation of all personnel data directly affects the value of the firm.

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