Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Business: Successful Combination


The idea of emotional intelligence in traditional corporate structures; executive skills, strategic planning, and the use of power are dismissed in favor of influence. This is no longer the case, especially forward-thinking organizations seeking to create competitive advantage by developing a corporate culture that values leadership focused on participation, transparency, collaboration, and togetherness. EQ is now recognized as a necessary attribute that brings results by bringing our thinking and emotions together to make ideal decisions in any given situation.

One of the pioneers of emotional intelligence, Six Seconds started by focusing on understanding and measuring personal EQ. The people we worked with were looking for a way to apply what they learned in the personal field in business life. This motivation, combined with 70% of change efforts on business failures, prompted the idea to create Vital Signs, the organization assessment tools now used by certified coaches and mentors around the world. We recently realized that persevering in EQ at work can foster a sense of organizational vitality. It's like a contagious vibration that will spread through every segment of the organization - whether it's a small non-profit organization or a multinational corporation.

Examine the working styles of your teammates, increase your company's productivity.