Boost Your Freelance Productivity with MonitUp's Time-Tracking Package

MonitUp’s Freelancer package is a powerful time-tracking software designed specifically for companies working with freelancers and agencies handling project-based tasks. This package is ideal for businesses looking to enhance productivity and ensure the accuracy of work done by freelancers. So, who can use this package and what benefits does it offer?


Who Can Use It?

The Freelancer package is perfect for companies that employ freelancers, project-based agencies, and employers who need to measure hourly work efficiency. Freelancers such as software developers, graphic designers, writers, and marketing experts can all benefit from using this package, as can the firms that hire them.



  • Time Tracking:

    Freelancers can manually start and stop the time tracking, providing accurate and transparent records of their work hours. This helps employers see exactly how much time is spent on each task.



  • Screenshots:

    Periodically captured screenshots provide a visual record of the work process. This allows employers to monitor progress and intervene if necessary.



    Application and Website Monitoring:

    The software tracks which applications and websites are used by the freelancer, helping to assess productivity. Employers can easily see if time is being spent efficiently.



  • AI-Powered Productivity Suggestions:

    The AI analyzes collected data and offers personalized suggestions to help freelancers improve their work habits and efficiency.




  • Reporting and Analysis:

    Detailed productivity reports help employers understand the work process better. The software categorizes work hours into productive, unproductive, and neutral, allowing for an objective evaluation of performance.




How It Works

The Freelancer package operates similarly to UpWork. Freelancers use the MonitUp application to select their tasks and manually start tracking their work hours. During this period, screenshots and usage data are collected and made available for employers to review and analyze.

MonitUp’s Freelancer package helps businesses working with freelancers to be more organized and efficient, optimizing the workflow for both employers and employees.


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